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Dataforth Corporation

Dataforth is the world leader in data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication products for industrial applications. Worldwide, our electronic Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, and data communication products provide rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy.

Corporate Capabilities Brochure Explore our online catalogs and contact your U.S. or International Dataforth representative or our data acquisition, signal conditioners, and data communications experts at:
US Toll Free: 800.444.7644
p: 520.741.1404
f: 520.917.2254
e: sales@dataforth.com

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Dataforth Signal ConditionerWhy I Use 5B Signal Conditioners

"They just don’t fail!" -W.M.

"5B’s are rock solid little bricks...no DIP switches...no re-calibrations." -R.S.

"I can buy the same 5B function in a Dataforth DIN package." -J.L.

"Lots of accessories make the 5B easy to apply." -M.R.

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Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules
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Intuitive Data Acquisition Software
Intuitive Data Acquisition Software Simplifies My Job

"Real quick, from installation to seeing my data." -L.P.

"Shape let’s me build great looking HMI’s for lab tests or production tests." -M.H.

"Keep your no-charge policy for run-time distributions!" -J.A.

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