Isolated Digital I/O Modules

SCMD Series

SCMD Series Product Family

Series Datasheet Description
Isolated Digital I/O Modules
Miniature Digital Input Modules
Miniature Digital Output Modules
Miniature Digital Relay Output Modules
Accessories, backpanels, and module dimensions
SCMD Module Dimensions

Backpanels & Accessories

Part Number Datasheet Description
8 Channel Backpanel, Miniature
16 Channel Backpanel, Miniature
24 Channel Backpanel, Miniature
Board Jumper, Miniature
8 Ch Backpanel, Miniature, DIN Mount
16 Ch Backpanel, Miniature, DIN Mount
16 Ch Backpanel, Miniature with Term Block Output, DIN Mount
24 Ch Backpanel, Miniature, DIN Mount
16 Ch Backpanel, Miniature with Term Block Output
4-Ch Backpanel, Full Size & Miniature
4-Ch Backpanel, Full Size & Miniature, DIN Rail Mount

Isolated SCMD Digital I/O Modules

Dataforth offers a broad line of digital input and output modules and accessories providing safe, reliable interfacing to industrial measurement and control applications. Installed near individual field loads, SCMD modules create a rugged protective isolation barrier, effective to 4kV, between the field and computer system.

Use of these modules can also reduce field wiring costs while establishing an economical, manageable approach for system expansion and repair.

The SCMD Series

SCMD miniature digital I/O modules are solid-state devices which send ON and OFF electrical signals to and from a computer.
  • Input modules convert AC or DC voltages to DC logic signals and send them to the computer system
  • Output modules work in the opposite direction, switching either AC or DC circuits on or off in response to logic-level voltage commands from the computer
SCMD modules are available in miniature versions of four basic types: AC input, DC input, AC output, and DC output.

  • Miniature input modules used for sensing ON and OFF AC or DC voltage levels in the ranges 10-60, 90-140, and 180-280VAC and 3.3-32 and 10-60VDC
  • Low noise, fast switching, and other special features are available
  • Miniature output modules accept 5VDC or 24VDC inputs and provide several different output ranges, including 12/24 to 140/280VAC and 0/3/5 to 50/60/200VDC
  • Fast switching and other special options are available
  • Miniature relay output modules used for switching AC and DC loads up to 125Vrms or 100VDC at maximum 30WDC or 62.5VA


Input Modules
Interface to:
  • Proximity Switches
  • Limit Switches
  • Photoelectric Switches
  • TTL Devices
  • Pushbuttons
Output Modules
Switch AC and DC loads in:
  • Relays
  • Motor Starters
  • Solenoids
  • Indicator Lamps


  • 4000Vrms Optical Isolation
  • Industry Standard Packaging
  • Input Modules Incorporate Input Filtering for Transient-Free Switching
  • Complete Selection of Backpanels and Accessories
  • Optional Low Noise, Fast Switching Models
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified, CE Compliant
  • Manufactured per RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC