Dataforth Announcing UL Certificate of Compliance for Use of MAQ®20 Modules in Hazardous Locations

Press Release

Release Date: May 13 2024

Dataforth Corporation’s MAQ®20 Data Acquisition System has received the UL Certificate of Compliance for use in Hazardous Locations. The equipment includes 31 MAQ®20 modules and four system backbones.

Since its introduction, the MAQ®20 Industrial Data Acquisition and Control System has proven itself to be an outstanding system for test and measurement, factory and process automation, machine automation, military and aerospace, power and energy, environmental monitoring, and oil and gas applications.

“Receiving the UL Certificate of Compliance for use in hazardous locations is a tremendous step forward for our MAQ®20 modules,” says Georg Haubner, VP Sales & Marketing, “as it will significantly expand what the modules can be used for and where they can be used.”

The MAQ®20 system encompasses more than 40 years of Dataforth’s design excellence and quality in the industrial test and measurement and process control industry. This powerful, high performance, highly flexible system offers the industry's lowest cost per channel, integral PID loop control, and ±0.035% system accuracy (module dependent).

Other features include:

  • 1500Vrms Channel-to-Bus Isolation
  • Up to 240Vrms Continuous Field I/O Protection
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 Transient Protection
  • Direct Connection to Internet Option
  • Graphical Control Software
  • ReDAQ® Shape for MAQ®20 Software
  • Advanced Features Including Integral PID Control, Alarms, Counters, Timers, PWMs, and more
  • Up to 8 PID Loops with ReDAQ® Shape Software
  • Wide Range 7-34VDC Input Power
  • –40°C to +85°C Industrial Operating Temperature
  • UL/cUL (Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D)
  • Heavy Industrial CE Compliant
  • ATEX Compliance Pending
  • Manufactured per RoHS III Directive (EU) 2015/863

Dataforth products directly connect to most industrial sensors and protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, and other hazards present in industrial environments. Dataforth products are manufactured in the USA and are RoHS III design compliant. The company operates under an ISO9001:2015 registered and certified Quality Management System.

Dataforth products are listed in the UL database and can be readily found by anyone designing systems that require products from the QUZW category of Process Control Equipment for use in Hazardous Locations.

For additional information, call 800-444-7644 toll-free, email, or visit our website at

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