Data Acquisition System

Faulty thousand-dollar data acquisition systems can shut down billion-dollar operations. The SCM5B isoLynx® SLX200 is a fast, intelligent, fully isolated data acquisition system providing superior reliability, accuracy, and isolation for a wide range of rugged industrial applications. It offers maximum-flexibility of analog and digital I/O selection at competitive prices for a broad range of factory automation, process control, test and measurement, machine control, and data acquisition applications. The isoLynx SLX200 implements the industry standard Modbus® RTU and TCP protocols, thereby enabling communication with a wide variety of existing third-party software drivers and HMI/SCADA packages. It is fully certified by Modbus-IDA and compatible with OPC.

All I/O Channel-to-Channel Isolated
The flexible, modular design combines a 6- or 12-channel I/O Controller base system and optional 8- or 16-channel expansion backplanes, which can be either panel or DIN rail mounted (see Figure 1).

One I/O Controller unit can operate up to 60 channels of differential analog I/O and 128 channels of digital I/O, using Dataforth’s SCM5B an- alog and SCMD digital modules. The Controller contains a powerful high- speed microcontroller, A/d D/A subsystem, communication interface, data storage memory, and status LEDs. The A/D system is built around a 16-bit, successive approximation converter and can convert a maximum 60-channel configuration in 17msec. The D/A converter is also a 16-bit device and can write a maximum 60-channel configuration in 33msec.



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  • Modbus® RTU Support on RS-232 and RS-485 
  • Modbus TCP Support (optional) 
  • 1500Vrms Input-to-Output & Channel-to- Channel Isolation 
  • 240Vrms Field-side Protection 
  • 16-Bit A/D, D/A 
  • Up to 6-Pole Analog Input Filtering 
  • ± 0.012% Base System Accuracy, No Modules
  • ± 0.005% Base System Linearity, No Modules
  • ± 0.03% Module Accuracy
  • ± 0.005% Module Linearity
  • Best I/O Selection: 250+ Different I/O Modules 
  •  -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature 
  • Free Configuration Software 
  • All Analog I/O Modules Certified to CSA C/US, CE, and ATEX Requirements 
  • SLX200 & SLX101 CE Compliant 
  • SLX200 CSA C/US Certified (Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D) 
  • Manufactured per RoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU

Block Diagram



Due to resource constraints on my computer, I'm unable to open the three dimensional CAD models provided on your website. Does Dataforth provide two demensional CAD models for download as well?
Two dimensional CAD models can be generated upon customer request. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

Custom Modules

Below is a list of existing custom modules. If you don't see a module matching your target specifications, contact Customer Service and Application Support to discuss design guidelines and design feasibility. Customer Service and Application Support can be reached at or +1-800-444-7644.
* ... Status Codes: PR = Production, PT = Prototypes, QU = Quoted

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