Latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards

Press Release

Release Date: Jun 2 2022
Dataforth's Quality Management System "has been assessed and found complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015," states Management Certification of North America (MCNA, an ANAB-accredited certification body). The certification applies to Dataforth locations at both 3331 E. Hemisphere Loop, Tucson, AZ, administrative, and 6230 South Country Club Road, Tucson, AZ, manufacturing. The certification scope covers the "design and manufacture of signal conditioning, data acquisition and data communications devices." It is in effect through April 28, 2025.

"This recertification is proof of Dataforth's unwavering commitment to exceptional quality in both our products and our customer relationships," says Georg Haubner, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "We know that our ongoing success depends on ensuring the high quality standards our customers expect and we are proud of our ability to meet that need. Though the marketplace is constantly changing, our commitment to quality is constant."

Dataforth products directly connect to most industrial sensors and protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, and other hazards present in industrial environments. Dataforth products are manufactured in the USA and are RoHS 3 compliant. The company operates under an ISO9001:2015 registered and certified Quality Management System.

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