Frequency Conditioner

Dataforth product lines provide frequency conditioner solutions.
5B Isolated Analog Frequency Signal Conditioning Products
5B Frequency Conditioner Modules SCM5B45 Input Frequency Conditioning Module: Each SCM5B45 input frequency conditioner provides a single channel of frequency input which is isolated and converted to a high-level analog voltage output. This voltage output is logic switch controlled, which allows these modules to share a common analog bus without the requirement of external multiplexers.
World's Smallest Isolated Analog Frequency Signal Conditioner
Miniature Frequency Conditioner Products 8B45 Input Frequency Conditioning Module: 8B frequency conditioners are an optimal solution for monitoring real-world process signals and providing high-level signals to a data acquisition system. Each 8B45 module isolates and conditions a frequency input signal and provides an analog voltage output.
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High Performance DIN Isolated Analog Frequency Signal Conditioners
DSCA DIN Rail Mount Isolators DSCA45 Input Frequency Signal Conditioners: Each DSCA45 frequency input module provides a single channel of frequency input which is isolated and converted to a standard analog voltage or current output.
Isolated Intelligent Signal Conditioning Products
SCM9B Frequency Conditioner Modules SCM9B-1600/2600 Timer and Frequency Inputs: These isolated modules provide complete sensor/RS-232C or /RS-485 interfaces with 15-bit measurement resolution. They accept a variety of voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD/thermistor, strain gage, timer/frequency, and multichannel digital inputs/outputs.