Signal conditioners - Buy vs Build

Sure I'm going to be somewhat biased! We design and manufacture signal conditioners so my arguments are going to be in favor of buying the devices and not building them! Okay! But the reasons to buy them are very good...

We created a "Top 10" listing of reasons why you should buy analog signal conditioners instead of building them into your next application.

Dataforth's "Top 10 Reasons to Buy vs Build Signal Conditioners" (63kb pdf)

Although there are a few of these Top 10 reasons specific to Dataforth's products and documentation benefits, most of the reasons came directly from our customers. They stated how important the ease of application is with purchased signal conditioners. As well as the importance of flexibility, serviceability and the ability to scale (add or remove) channels.

Then they state that purchased signal conditioners provide a lot more than simply amplification (or attenuation) of the input signal. Check Top 10 item number 5 which summarizes eight functions designed into Dataforth's signal conditioners.

Please don't overlook the importance of solid signal conditioning in your next project. Let Dataforth apply its analog expertise and products to your next application.

Remember, our Application Engineers can assist you with signal conditioner selection over the phone or via fax and email. Call us at our manufacturing facility in Tucson at 520-741-1404 (fax 520-741-0762) or Email us at
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