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Product Comparison Guide for all Dataforth signal conditioning products.
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DSCP20 RTD, Thermocouple, mV 4 to 20mA, or Inverted DIN rail
DSCP81-01 Voltage, Current Voltage, Current DIN rail
DSCP81-02 Voltage, Current Voltage, Current DIN rail
DSCP55 Pt100, Ni100 Current DIN rail
DSCP61 Pt100 Current,Voltage DIN rail
DSCP62 Thermocouple Current,Voltage DIN rail
DSCP63 Voltage,Current Voltage,Current DIN rail
DSCP64 Voltage,Current Voltage,Current DIN rail
DSCP70 Power Power DIN rail
DSCP65 Low Voltage Voltage,Current DIN rail