Thermocouple Amplifier. LVDT Signal Conditioner. Ground Loop Isolator. 5B module.
Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Products for Data Acquisition and Control.
Dataforth’s Signal Conditioning product line of high quality Instrument ClassTM DSCA, SCM, SCT, DSCT, DSCL, and DSCP isolated analog I/O modules, signal isolators, and transmitters are designed to provide a wide variety of process and monitoring solutions. Our signal conditioning product solutions protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.

A wide variety of accessories are offered including backpanels that accept plug-in signal conditioning modules, power supplies, 19-inch rack and DIN-rail mount hardware, interface cables, and evaluation boards.
Introducing the World's smallest fully functional isolated analog signal conditioner.
The SensorLex® 8B line of isolated analog signal conditioners provides 15 family groups with a total of 95 models that interface to a wide variety of voltage, current, temperature, position, frequency and strain measuring devices. Housed in a miniature package , the 8B offers fully functional Instrument Class® performance with superior specifications such as ±0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% linearity, three-poles of filtering, 1500Vrms isolation, low output noise and much more.
New Compact signal converters 6.2mm ultra-slim case
The new family of compact DSCP signal converters just introduced by Dataforth Corporation includes seven different models, each housed in an ultra-slim 6.2mm case.
DSCL series of external and loop-powered isolators
Six basic model types, the DSCL20, DSCL21, DSCL22, DSCL23, and DSCL24 make up the ground loop isolator family of 20 isolators. All provide input-to-output transformer isolation ranging from 500Vrms up to 4000Vrms. Some are loop powered, deriving their power from the input signal, while others accept external universal power of either 24 to 60V AC/DC or 85 to 230 V AC/DC. Accuracies range from better than 0.1% to 0.2%, depending on model type. Packaging options include component for printed circuit board mounting, small profile DIN rail packages, and panel mount packages.
New DSCP and SCTP programmable transmitters
The new DSCP and SCTP family of external and loop-powered configurable temperature transmitters from Dataforth are designed around an ASIC chip specifically engineered for thermocouple and RTD signal interface. Using the DSCX-895 configuration software package, customers can configure eight key operational functions, select from 12 thermocouple and three RTD types, and choose from 270 input ranges. All inputs are linearized using a 23-point interpolation table that can be optionally reconfigured for custom linearization applications. Package designs allow installation into head mount housings in accordance with the DIN 43 729 standard, or onto DIN rails.
New DSCA "Instrument-Class" DIN-Mounted Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners
Dataforth recently introduced its revolutionary new DSCA signal conditioning modules for DIN rail mount applications. These isolated analog signal conditioning modules bring a new standard of performance to the data acquisition market at a price considerably lower than most competitors. The DSCA signal conditioner family consists of 360 models which accept millivolt, volt, milliamp, RTD, thermocouple, potentiometer, strain gage, DC LVDT, frequency, and two-wire transmitter inputs.

Combining the best features of the Company's "5B" and "7B" signal conditioning products, and adding additional capability, the DSCA signal conditioners offer electrical specifications that are usually found only in much higher cost "instrument class" devices. The DSCA signal conditioners were developed after an extensive survey of customer requirements. Important areas of improved performance for the general market include accuracy, linearity, conformity error, and protection against accidental connection of line voltages and transient events.
SCM5B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Products
SCM5B modules filter, isolate, amplify and convert signals between sensors, actuators, and host data acquisition and control computer systems used extensively in manufacturing and process industries. Dataforth offers over 260 different SCM5B modules, the industry's largest selection.
SCM7B Isolated Process Control Signal Conditioning Products
SCM7B isolated process control signal conditioning modules provide more than 200 compact, low cost solutions for a wide range of process industry measurement and control applications.
SCM9B Isolated, Intelligent Analog Signal Conditioning Products
The extensive SCM9B line includes fixed and programmable sensor-to-computer and computer-to-analog output interface modules, RS-232/RS-485 converters, RS-485 repeaters, and associated backpanels, accessories, and applications software.
Isolated SCMD Digital I/O Modules
SCMD digital I/O modules are solid-state devices which send "ON" and "OFF" electrical signals to and from a computer and create a rugged, protective isolation barrier between the field and computer system. SCMD modules are available in "miniature" versions of four basic types: AC input, DC input, AC output, and DC output.
New DSCT Isolated Two-Wire Transmitter Products
Customers may choose from 40 different configurations of Dataforth's DSCT two-wire transmitters, which offer many technical advantages with critical specifications often two to 50 times better than competing products, including ±0.03% accuracy, ±0.02% conformity, and 95dB attenuation (60Hz). These benefits are provided, in most cases at equivalent or lower prices to the customer.
New Signal Conditioning Product Solutions
Dataforth continues its commitment to design and introduce new signal conditioning products. Our signal conditioning solutions provide high performance and cost-efficient value. These new signal conditioning extended product lines include our new SCM9B-5000 four-channel modules and ASCII command/response protocol. Over 100 new 5B signal conditioning modules have been designed and developed over the past several years.
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Thermocouple Amplifier. LVDT Signal Conditioner. Ground Loop Isolator. 5B module.