Dataforth's analog I/O signal conditioner products provide complete, cost-effective solutions for interfacing, conditioning, and distributing critical industrial analog signals. Analog I/O signal conditioner modules filter, isolate, amplify, and convert analog signals for use in thousands of test, measurement, and control applications.

Each analog signal conditioner module incorporates a 5- or 6-pole analog filter. The analog filter can provide up to 95dB NMR @ 60Hz. Special analog isolation circuits protect signals and equipment, including true 3-way analog isolation. Each analog signal conditioner module is input protected to 240VAC continuous.

Designed to protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from ...
  • electrical noise
  • transient power surges
  • internal ground loops
  • other EMI/RFI hazards present in industrial environments
Signal Conditioner accessories include ...
  • backpanels that accept plug-in signal conditioning modules
  • power supplies
  • 19-inch rack and DIN rail mount hardware
  • interface cables
  • evaluation boards
5B 3-Way Isolated Signal Conditioning Modules
Cost-effective, isolated industrial signal conditioning modules and accessories

7B 2-Way Isolated Signal Conditioning Modules
A compact, low cost solution for industrial data acquisition and process control applications

8B Isolated Miniature Signal Conditioning Modules
World's smallest isolated analog signal conditioner

DIN Rail Mount Isolators
High performance DIN isolated analog signal conditioners

Isolated Digital I/O Modules
Miniature solid-state devices that send ON/OFF signals to and from a computer

9B Analog to Serial Isolated Modules
An excellent solution for distributed data acquisition applications, such as process monitoring and control, remote data logging, product testing, and motion and motor speed control