Data Acquisition (DAQ) Components

  • Communication DAQ Components: Offered in two models covering the standard industrial buses Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, and USB with host software interfaces to the system using Modbus TCP/IP or RTU protocol
  • Analog Input DAQ Components: Interface to a wide range of standard industrial sensors and equipment and offer up to 16 channels of input, each of which can be independently configured
    • Process Voltage, Process Current & Thermocouple Input Modules offer 8-channel differential input or 16-channel single-ended input for precise measurement of voltage and current signals; they also offer 8-channel measurement of five thermocouple types including accurate cold junction compensation and linearization. All channels are individually configurable for range, alarm limits, and averaging.
    • RTD Input Modules interface to 2- or 3-wire sensors including six RTD types and potentiometers. Modules offer six channels, each configurable for range, alarm limits, and averaging.
    • Strain Gage Input Modules connect to full bridge sensors, have narrow or wide bandwidth filtering and offer four channels, each configurable for range, alarm limits, and averaging.
    • Frequency Input Module accepts zero crossing and TTL signals with frequencies of 500Hz to 100kHz and provides a DC stimulus for contact sensors. This module has four channels, each configurable for range and alarm limits.
  • Analog Output DAQ Components: Process Current or Voltage Output models are used to drive valves, perform other crucial process operations, and provide up to eight channels of 300Vrms channel-to-channel isolated output which can be independently configured
  • Discrete Input/Output Data Acquisition Components: Provide five channels of input and five channels of output per module and offer advanced specialfunctions as well as alarm capability; they accept 3 to 60VDC input and provide 3 to 60VDC output at 3A, or 90 to 280VAC/VDC input and 24 to 280VAC output, also at 3A


ReDAQ MAQ20 components are designed for rugged industrial applications. Communication modules, analog input and analog output modules, and discrete I/O modules are available.

  • ±0.035% accuracy
  • 1500Vrms channel-to-bus isolation
  • -40°C to +75°C operating temperature

8B isoLynx®

8B 8B isoLynx® enables simultaneous analog and digital I/O at sustained rates up to 3.0kS/s (100kS/s burst); advanced features include alarms, counters, and timers.

  • Miniature Multi-function System
  • Turn-key Software

5B isoLynx®

SCM9B Data Acquisition and Control The 5B isoLynx® is ideal for remote data monitoring and data logging, expandable to 60 analog channels and 128 digital channels.

  • Modbus TCP/IP or RTU support on RS-232/-485
  • 1500Vrms input-to-output and channel-to-channel isolation

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