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Below is a link to a good chart of the most common recommended data-comm standards. Many of you would be surprised to learn that these RS- specs were never formally certified by an IEEE, ANSI or ISO agency! They are 'recommended standards'. I expect that many of you have experienced at least one of the many possible interface issues associated with these data-comm types! Dataforth has solved many of those issues with industrial grade line driver and converter options.

Dataforth offers protected or isolated line drivers to extend the distances of RS-232 as well as converters used to change RS-232 levels into more robust RS-422/RS-485 levels. Our line driver modules can extend the distances to many miles and protect equipment at either end from damaging transients up to 1500Vrms! The Dataforth website provides detailed product catalog information available in PDF files for quick download.

Dataforth offers a complete array of line drivers and converters; rs-485, rs-485 converter, rs-485 to rs-232, rs-422, rs-422 converter, rs-422 to rs-232, rs-422 rs-232, rs-232 converter, rs-232 isolator, rs-232 rs-422, rs-232 to rs-422, rs-232 rs-485, rs-232 to rs-485, rs-232 to rs-485 converter, rs-232 rs-485 converter, as well as a fiber optic converter.

Chart of RS- specs:

Please use the following links to jump directly to our line driver or converter pages:
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Let Dataforth assist with your next data-comm application. Email us at support@dataforth.com for free application support!

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