PWR-PS5R30W: Power Supply, DIN Rail Mount, 85-264 VAC 47-63 Hz In, 24 VDC 1.3 A Out

Power Supply, DIN Rail Mount, 85-264 VAC 47-63 Hz In, 24 VDC 1.3 A Out

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Families that use this part as an Accessory ...

DSCA30/31 Analog Voltage Input Signal Conditioners, Narrow Bandwidth
DSCA47 Linearized Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA40/41 Analog Voltage Input Signal Conditioners, Wide Bandwidth
DSCA32 Analog Current Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA33 Isolated True RMS Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA34 Linearized 2- or 3-Wire RTD Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA36 Potentiometer Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA37 Non-Linearized Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA38 Strain Gage Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA39 Current Output Signal Conditioners
DSCA45 Frequency Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA49 Voltage Output Signal Conditioners
SCM7B21/30/31 Isolated Analog Voltage Input Modules
SCM7B39 Isolated Process Current Output Modules
SCM7B22 Isolated Bipolar Voltage Output Modules
SCM7B47 Isolated Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules
SCM7B40/41 Isolated Analog Voltage Input Modules, Wide Bandwidth
SCM7B37 Non-Linearized Isolated Thermocouple Input Modules
SCM7B36 Isolated Potentiometer Input Modules
SCM7B34/34N Isolated Linearized 2- Or 3-Wire RTD Input Modules
SCM7B32/33 Isolated Process Current/Voltage Input Modules
SCM7B32/33 Isolated Process Current/Voltage Input Modules
DSCA42 2-Wire Transmitter Interface Signal Conditioners With Loop Power
DSCA43 General Purpose Input Signal Conditioners, with DC Excitation
SCM7B35 Isolated 2-Wire Transmitter Interface Modules With Loop Power
DSCL23 4-20mA Isolator with DC Supply - DIN or Panel Mount

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