DIN or 5B/7B Option

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You have a choice. More and more we hear how DIN is IN! We see how manufacturers have packaged many of their new products in DIN mount enclosures. Yes, DIN is IN!

With signal conditioners, Dataforth gives you an easy choice. Especially, if you have used 5B or 7B modules. These solid, potted, rugged "signal conditioner bricks" can be mounted on DIN rails using our DIN carrier back panels! We've extended the panel mount options with options to DIN mount 5Bs and 7Bs on 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 channel carriers!

Or, if you prefer, you can choose Dataforth's DSCA signal conditioners that use the best of our 5B/7B technologies packaged into a DIN enclosure that snaps onto a DIN rail! Our DSCA package also provides a SPAN and ZERO adjustment as well as disconnectable screw terminals. We manufacture these here in Tucson, AZ.

Many of the 5B and 7B part numbers are repeated in DSCA part numbers! For example, a 5B47 is similar to a 7B47 is similar to a DSCA47 as each accepts a thermocouple input. Our website shows how our DIN families now include more models than our 5Bs and 7Bs combined!

Dataforth's DSCA DIN mount signal conditioners

A comparison of SCM5B to SCM7B to DSCA DIN modules

Dataforth's DIN mount products extend beyond all these 5B, 7B and DSCA mentioned above. We have World-Class...
DSCL Low Cost DIN Loop Isolators
DSCP/SCTP User Programmable Temperature Transmitters
DSCT Loop Powered Two-Wire Transmitters

Remember, our Application Engineers can assist you with signal conditioner selection over the phone or via fax and email. Call Dataforth at 520-741-1404 (fax 520-741-0762) or Email us at support@dataforth.com.

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