Low Pass Filter Rise Time vs Bandwidth

Tech Note

While most signal conditioners amplify or attenuate your signals and provide you with a usable 0-10V or 4-20mA output, few manufactures actually tell you about their signal conditioner's response time or bandwidth or noise filtering and anti-aliasing characteristics. These are very important characteristic and will relate directly to you having a successful application and predictable system operation!

Dataforth's engineers devote many design hours to optimizing both rise time and bandwidth of the low-pass filters used in all their signal conditioners. Matter of fact, Dataforth also ships a test-data-sheet with each module specifying the performance characteristics of each serial numbered signal conditioner!

This application note (AN119) captures much of the design considerations used to create industrial, instrument class signal conditioners. Although this application note is a little heavy on the math, page 6 presents a few illustrations showing the excellent results of such detailed engineering effort.

Dataforth - Low Pass Filter Rise Time vs Bandwidth (AN119, 408kb pdf)

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