Boost Power Supply Module, 5VDC at 3A Output

Dataforth's MAQ®20 Industrial Data Acquisition & Control System offers an accessory Load Share Power Supply Module for expansion, standby and redundant power.

The MAQ20 system is made up of DIN rail mounted, programmable, multi-channel, signal conditioning input and output modules and communications modules. System power is connected to the Communications module, which in turn powers the I/O modules.

The Communications modules provide 5VDC at up to 3A through the system backbone, which is more than adequate for most typical systems (standard input modules consume 150mW). However, some MAQ20 I/O models deliver significant amounts of power to field I/O devices, and when many of these are used in a single system, power supply requirements may exceed the power output of the Communications module. To meet these high power consumption needs, one or more MAQ20 Load Share Power Supply modules (MAQ20-PWR3) can be installed in any I/O module slot on a single backbone to provide the additional power needed.

The Load Share Power Supply module offers significant system advantages compared to the competition. It contains advanced circuitry that actively shares the I/O module load requirement equally with the MAQ20 Communications module and other Load Share Power Supply modules. Dataforth designed reverse power, overload, and transient absorption circuitry into both the Load Share Power Supply and Communications modules to ensure the system is protected under fault conditions. In addition, it’s a hot-swappable module.

While its primary function is to supply extra power to a system in which the I/O modules demand more power than the Communications module can provide, the Load Share Power Supply module also can be used to provide redundant power for loads under 3A (15W), enhancing system reliability.

Backbones for the MAQ20 system mount within a 35 x 7.5mm standard DIN rail and distribute power and communications. Each of the four available backbone models accommodates one Communications module and a set number of I/O modules, ranging from 4 to a maximum of 24.


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