Each single channel DSCL24 module provides up to 36 different configurations of process current or voltage inputs and outputs. A unique snap-in tool allows quick extraction of the module's circuit board to permit the user to reposition four (4) jumpers and reconfigure each module's I/O. The factory default setting provides 0-20mA input and output current.

Each module provides full 3-Way isolation with 2300Vrms CMV input to output and 3700Vrms CMV power supply to I/O protection. Two module versions are offered that accept universal power supply of either 24 to 60VDC or AC and 85 to 230VDC or AC with the alternating current usage accepting 45 to 400Hz power.
  • Uses Universal Power Supply of 24 to 60V or 85 to 230V AC/DC
  • Configuration Jumpers Allows up to 36 I/O Settings
  • Three-Way Isolation for 2300Vrms Protection
  • Prevents Ground-Loop Problems
  • Prevents the Transfer of Interference Voltages and Currents
  • High Accuracy Over Full Span
  • No Recalibration or Maintenance Required
  • Narrow DIN Package, Mounts up to 27 Devices into a 19" Rack Space
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mountable
Jumper Configurable Isolator - DIN or Panel Mount

DSCL24 (single channel) Devices

Part Number Input RangeOutput RangeMechanical FormatInternal Power SupplyIsolation VoltageIsolation TypeAccuracySupply Voltage
4 to 20 mA 4 to 20 mA DIN rail,Panel Mount None 2300 Vrms Transformer 3-way < ±0.1% (at 250 Ohm load) 24 to 60 VDC/AC at 45 to 400 Hz
4 to 20 mA 4 to 20 mA DIN rail,Panel Mount None 2300 Vrms Transformer 3-way < ±0.1% (at 250 Ohm load) 85 to 230 VDC/AC at 45 to 400 Hz

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dataforth provide calibration reports for modules I purchased?
Yes we can provide calibration reports for the modules that you purchased.

You can either
a) visit https://www.dataforth.com/TestDataReport.aspx to search for Test Report Datasheets by Serial Number or
b) you can send us a list of model numbers and their serial numbers to support@dataforth.com

How does the load resistance of a module affect the noise at the output?
Noise at the output of a module is independent of load resistance.
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Dataforth offers a wide range of custom modules for those instances when our standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions don't quite meet your specific application needs. Contact Customer Service and Application Support to discuss design guidelines and design feasibility. Customer Service and Application Support can be reached at sales@dataforth.com or +1-800-444-7644.