Each isolated DSCP81 signal conditioner is designed for measuring voltages up to ±1000VDC and currents up to ±100mA. The input type, measurement range, and other features are software configurable. A PC with RS-232C serial port, the DSCX-787 and DSCX-587 interface cables, and the DSCX-557 configuration software are required to program the DSCP81.

The DSCP81 can interface to either a current or voltage input and provide a current or voltage output. The input filter characteristics, input and output ranges, input signal linearization, signal inversion, and optional alarm relay output are all software configurable by the user. The input signal may be linearized using up to 50 points of interpolation. Optionally, the user may specify all configurable parameters and request factory configuration.

Two models are available offering wide-range power supply connection: 24 to 60VDC/AC, and 85 to 230VDC/AC. The DSCX-557 configuration software allows query, print-out and saving of configuration settings, display of input measurement value, and display of interpolation table points.
  • Interfaces to Voltages up to ±1000VDC and Currents up to ±100mA
  • Software Configurable Input Type and Range
  • Software Configurable Filter
  • 3700Vrms Transformer Isolation
  • Supply Voltage of 24 to 60VDC/AC or 85 to 230VDC/AC
  • Alarm Relay Output
  • Mounts on Standard DIN Rail
  • -25°C to +55°C Operating Temperature
  • CE Compliant
Configurable Voltage/Current Input Signal Conditioner, DIN Mount

DSCP81 Devices

Part Number Input TypeOutput TypeMechanical FormatInternal Power SupplyIsolation VoltageIsolation TypeAccuracySupply Voltage
Voltage, Current Voltage, Current DIN rail None 3700 Vrms Transformer 3-way <±0.1% 24 to 60 VDC/AC
Voltage, Current Voltage, Current DIN rail None 3700 Vrms Transformer 3-way <±0.1% 85 to 230 VDC/AC

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dataforth provide calibration reports for modules I purchased?
Yes we can provide calibration reports for the modules that you purchased.

You can either
a) visit https://www.dataforth.com/TestDataReport.aspx to search for Test Report Datasheets by Serial Number or
b) you can send us a list of model numbers and their serial numbers to support@dataforth.com

How does the load resistance of a module affect the noise at the output?
Noise at the output of a module is independent of load resistance.

Can I create a custom 4-20mA output curve from a linear 4-20mA input signal with the DSCP81?
Yes, custom non-linear output curves can be configured from a linear input with the DSCP81 using the DSCX-557 software. The DSCX-787 and DSCX-587 cables are required to connect to the PC to configure the module.

I have a high-speed application that requires a module for converting current to voltage (4-20mA to 0-5V) and also from voltage to current (0-5V to 4-20mA). Due to the high-speed of the application it would be preferable if there was no internal filter. Does Dataforth have a module that could meet these requirements?
The DSCP63 DC Voltage/Current converter is a match for this application. This module provides a single channel of voltage or current input which is converted to a voltage or current output. Input/output range, filter, fault indication, square root function and other functions may be configured by dip-switch. Disabling the filter on this module will reduce response time from <74ms to <35ms.

Other modules that have configurable filters include the following: DSCP55, DSCP61, DSCP62, DSCP64, DSCP65, and DSCP81.

Due to resource constraints on my computer, I'm unable to open the three dimensional CAD models provided on your website. Does Dataforth provide two demensional CAD models for download as well?
Two dimensional CAD models can be generated upon customer request. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.
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