The easiest and most efficient development tool for use with the MAQ®20 Modular Data Acquisition and Control System.

The main screen of this out-of-the-box software shows a representation of the system including the communication module and all installed I/O modules. This graphic is updated as I/O modules are added to or removed from the system.

  • Create, save, and open graphical user interface projects
  • Ideal for test, process, data collection, and data analysis applications
  • Create customized projects in Presentation panel in 3 easy steps
  • Use built-in functions in Acquire and Analyze panels without setup or configuration
  • 18 high quality controls
  • Short user-learning curve
  • Integrated, across-the-board applicability

ReDAQ® Shape for MAQ®20 software also provides the most effective way to configure and customize MAQ®20 functions for specific application requirements.

ReDAQ® Shape for MAQ®20 Toolbox Tools

  • Button
  • Text Box
  • Label
  • Switch
  • Thermometer
  • Tank
  • Meter
  • Chart Recorder
  • XY Plot
  • Picture Box
  • Group Box
  • LED
  • Numeric Edit
  • Slide
  • Gage
  • Knob
  • Oscilloscope
  • Discrete Waveform Graph

Leading-Edge PID Loop Control

PID Faceplate in ReDAQ Shape Software
  • Integral in Both ReDAQ Shape for MAQ20 and IPEmotion Software
  • Up to 32 PID Control Loops with ReDAQ Shape for MAQ20
    • Faceplates Enable Engineer or Operator to Configure Loop Control Features and Monitor Processes
    • Auto-Tuner Simplifies Control Loop Optimization
  • Typical PID Applications
    • Steam, Water, and Chemical Flow Control
    • Tank Level Control
    • Heat-Exchanger / Reactor Temperature Control
    • Pressure Control
   » Learn more about PID Controllers.