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How would you like a simple, single-page instruction to recalibrate your signal conditioners? How would you like to be able to recalibrate the zero point and then recalibrate the span without going back to readjust the zero and then again adjust the span, and then the zero ... you get the picture!

Recalibration is a fact of life with even the most sophisticated instruments! It is an item rarely mentioned in the manufacturers marketing and sales literature. More often recalibration is ignored until the device is added to the recal list and a date is set for the PROCEDURE. Since you have a choice as to how difficult (costly) recalibration can be, we recommend you take a look at the procedure before you purchase!

The best manufacturers design their products to be simple to recal. More effort is given the design up-front so that amplifier stages and other elements of the design DO NOT INTERACT. Yes, it is possible to design signal conditioners with zero and span adjustments which do not interact. Such designs eliminate the back-and-forth adjustment nightmare suggested above!

Moreover, the best manufacturers will provide you with actual test data reports that benchmark the exact performance of the signal conditioner as it was shipped from the factory... and provide that data sheet report at no charge.

Dataforth does both - provides you with a simple, NON-INTERACTIVE recal procedure and with a formal test data sheet - with test accuracies traceable to NIST standards! These benefits are valuable time savers. The non-interactive zero & span settings could save hours if you have many channels to recalibrate! The test data sheet satisfies the "paper trail" required by most quality assurance programs such as ISO9001.

Please take a look at these documents and be sure you specify non-interactive recalibration and test data sheets with your next signal conditioner requirement.

Dataforth Application Note to Recalibrate DSCA signal conditioners (190kb pdf)

A sample of Dataforth's Signal Conditioner TEST REPORT (79KB pdf)

Remember, our Application Engineers can assist you with signal conditioner selection over the phone or via fax and email. Call us at our manufacturing facility in Tucson at 520-741-1404 (fax 520-741-0762) or Email us at support@dataforth.com.

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