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Think about any hand-held multimeter and you will agree how important input protection and isolation are to most measurement applications! The input voltage is isolated from you (because of the mechanical parts of the meter in your hand) and from ground (since the hand-held meter's power supply is not connected to any ground).

Dataforth's 3-Way isolated signal conditioners function like a hand-held meter with the output going to a data acquisition system and computer monitor or LCD display. Like a hand-held meter, Dataforth's signal conditioner will accept a ±Vdc input (is protected to 240Vrms continuous and isolated from ground to 1500Vrms continuous) and output a ±Vdc signal that has been amplified, filtered and isolated from hazardous ground loops and voltage transients.

In addition to 3-Way isolation, Dataforth's SCM5B43 and DSCA43 general purpose signal conditioning families include an ISOLATED POWER SUPPLY for use in your application or to power any external circuitry! Our general purpose power supply provides 10Vdc at 40mA maximum current. The 10Vdc voltage is an isolated, regulated, protected power source that can be used to power:

  1. Your own proprietary circuit
  2. Whetstone bridge excitation
  3. Three-wire resistance inputs
  4. DC-LVDT position transducers
  5. Rotary torque sensors
  6. Voltage doubler & DC-DC converters*
  7. Many other specialized or unique applications*

* See reference designs using Micrel MIC2570 integrated circuits to modify our 10Vdc 40mA source to power many other needs:

Also, download Micrel 16 page spec and application notes:

See our DSCA43 general purpose modules for DIN-rail mount applications:

See our SCM5B43 general purpose modules for plug-in panel mount applications.

Please feel free to contact our applications engineers at should you need any product selection assistance.

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