Transient Protection

Tech Note

Industrial equipment located in the "field" is exposed to electrical noise, power surges, and transient events such as static discharge or even, near by lightning strikes.

Surprisingly, not all signal conditioners protect against transients! Typically, an industrial signal conditioner will offer some over voltage protection along with signal amplification or signal attenuation. An Instrument ClassTM Signal Conditioner from Dataforth provides several more benefits:

  1. Transient Protection as defined by ANSI / IEEE (see App Note)
  2. Up to 240VAC input CONTINUOUS over voltage protection
  3. Signal noise filtering using 6 or more poles (modified Butterworth filter)
  4. Three-way 1500Vrms CONTINUOUS transformer isolation
  5. Ten-segment hardware linearization to conform to +/-0.015% of true span

One of the functions of the Dataforth line of signal conditioning products is the protection of control room equipment from the many hazardous conditions which exist in the field. All Dataforth products are designed with the field inputs or field outputs protected against transient events as defined by the ANSI/IEEE specification C37.90.1-1989 (formerly IEEE-472).

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