If you're familiar with 5B signal conditioners, you might not be familiar with 7Bs, or if you've used 7Bs you may not know about 5Bs! Because Dataforth manufactures both, here in Tucson, Arizona, we know this is true... once selected, engineers tend to stay with one or the other, SCM5B or SCM7B!

However, the '7B Engineer' can find many more I/O functions available with 5Bs and the '5B Engineer' might find 24Vdc power supply for 7Bs more convenient on some applications... just to mention a couple of different features!

So, how do all the specs, prices, and types of functions compare?

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Comparison of 5B and 7B Signal Conditioning Modules

Overload continuous withstand 240Vrms 120Vrms
Module bandwidths 4Hz or 10kHz 3Hz or 400Hz
Noise filtering 6 Pole 5 Pole
External I to V resistor 20 ohm 250 ohm
Output control enable & disable switch always on
Output resistance 50 ohm 1 ohm
Supply voltage +5Vdc 5% 14 to 35Vdc (+24V Nom)
Dimensions 2.28"x2.26"x0.6" 2.13"x1.7"x0.6"
Socket interface 14 pins 5 or 6 pins
Cost (1 each US$) $150 to $300 $100 to $150
Number of standard models 264 201
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