For hundreds of years men of science and theoretical physics have been struggling to solve the mysteries of our universe. They continually search for a single unified theory that will link the “Newtonian” world that we can see and touch with the “sub-atomic” world, which has been modeled by quantum theories. All of us just accept the simple mathematical models that have been developed to quantify daily observations.

As one such example, we know light bends as it enters water; consequently, items beneath the water appear displaced from their actual position. This phenomenon is modeled by a theory that says the speed of light changes as it enters the water and the ratio of speeds is defined as the index of refraction. We accept his model as “truth of reality”. There is a mystery here; as light enters a glass of water, index of refraction model says speed of light changes, but when light exits the other side its speed instantly accelerates back to the standard speed of light. Where, oh where, did the energy come from to instantly accelerate the light?

Another example, we observe that opposite charges attract, like charges repel; however, the nucleus of atoms contain positive charges tightly held together without repelling. How can this be? Physicists have modeled this phenomenon by introducing an esoteric atomic force that holds the atom nucleus together. Where does this force and the energy supporting it really come from? There are scores of “mysteries” such as these that beg for more answers.

Fortunately, there are no mysteries or unexplained phenomena about Dataforth Signal Conditioning Module (SCM) products. Their published specifications and proven quality are facts of reality, which you can rely upon with certainty. To help to prove the point, you receive a test report with each Dataforth SCM. Dataforth test instruments are calibrated and traceable to NIST standards. (see NIST info at:

View an example of a Dataforth test report that ships with each module.

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