Dataforth's twenty-six page signal conditioning tutorial has been a popular handout! So, we've turned it into an Adobe pdf file that you can now download and print or reference at your convenience.... here's the link:

Dataforth's Signal Conditioning Tutorial (1,130Kb pdf file)

This booklet contains all the 'classic concerns' you should use to plan your next data acquisition or control application.

The tutorial starts out with considerations of environment --- How to best deal with the electrical noise in the control room or on the factory floor and what to use for your wiring types and wiring runs.

Six pages are dedicated to sensor application. Temperature inputs using thermocouples, RTDs (resistor temperature detectors) and thermistors are covered in practical, and useful detail. More info is given on motion sensors, slidewire or potentiometer sensors, strain gages - including full, 1/2, and 1/4 bridge gages.