Strain Gage Signal Conditioners

Tech Note

This eNewsletter, about strain gage signal conditioners, follows on an earlier Application Note AN117 Basic Bridge Circuits". This new Application Note, AN118 will use the bridge circuit to measure strain gages.

If temperature, pressure and flow are the most measured analog phenomena then pressure measurement in all its various forms – stress, strain, load, weight, torque, force, tension, etc – is perhaps the most difficult to master.

App note, AN118 explores the interrelated effects of basic strain gage geometry, metallurgy, and environmental factors. Although these relationships can fill text books, we have summarized this and more in a short ten (10) page application note!

A simple beam example with uniform loading is presented.

Instrumentation options for 1/4, 1/2 and full bridge measurements are examined.

Finally, sources of measurement errors are explored.

Please download and use our Application Note AN118 (450kb pdf)

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