Why consider signal conditioning for your strain gage input?

Confident Strain Gage Measurements ... for load-cells, torque measurements, or for almost any bridge completion circuit, Dataforth probably has the "strain gage" signal conditioner you need!

Signal Conditioning - Why and How ... explores a few often overlooked reasons to use signal conditioning modules.

"Why Isolate"... exposes very real, and very different reasons to isolate every one of your analog signals!

SensorLex™ 8B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners

8B34 Linearized 2- or 3-Wire RTD Input Modules
8B35 Linearized 4-Wire RTD Input Modules
8B37 Thermocouple Input Modules
8B47 Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules

SCM5B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Products

SCM5B34 Linearized 2- or 3-Wire RTD Input Modules
SCM5B35 Linearized 4-Wire RTD Input Modules
SCM5B37 Thermocouple Input Modules
SCM5B47 Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules

DSCA High Performance DIN Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners

DSCA34 Linearized 2- or 3-Wire RTD Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA37 Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioners
DSCA47 Linearized Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioners

SCM7B Isolated Process Control Signal Conditioning Products

SCM7B35 Isolated 2-Wire Transmitter Interface Modules With Loop Power
SCM7B37 Isolated Thermocouple Input Modules
SCM7B47 Isolated Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules