Application Note, AN101, is a six (6) page, in depth, presentation of why RMS (the Root-Mean-Square) approach is used to accurately determine effective values of voltage or current in AC signals. Besides being a very good technical paper on True RMS, it presents information on Dataforth's True RMS input signal conditioners. These products use the same IC that is used in many hand-held True RMS reading digital multimeters! This instrument accuracy is available from Dataforth in a DIN mount or panel mount package.

Our application note uses equations and math notations that require the latest version of Adobe Reader (v 5.05) or you can use Word for Windows (v 97 or later) to read this document. Here's links to both file types:

Word for Windows (v97 .DOC) file in a self-extracting 756KB zip

Adobe PDF file in a 198KB download:

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