Voltage Attenuation

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Release Date: Sep 18 2001
Dataforth's Voltage Attenuation System (VAS) is a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to monitor high voltages. With the VAS, you can accurately measure voltage potentials up to 460VAC (1300V peak-to-peak). Dataforth's modules reduce the input signal to a level (such as +/-5VDC) suitable for any data acquisition system while providing protection and isolation to 1500Vrms.

There's Three (3) Parts to Dataforth's System:

1. Pre-condition modules, SCMVAS-Mxxx

2. Isolation module selections,
    5B31-21 4Hz bandwidth for low-frequency or DC inputs,
    5B41-21 10KHz bandwidth for 50/60Hz or higher frequency,
    5B33-02 True RMS converter input modules

3. Backpanel selections (DIN or panel mount)
    8 channel screw-terminal inputs and screw-terminal outputs
    16 channel screw-terminal inputs and ribbon cable outputs

Specification and Configuration Details
Three page data sheet in PDF format (14KB)

Please feel free to contact our applications engineers at support@dataforth.com should you need any product selection assistance.

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