Dataforth's Voltage Attenuation System (VAS) is a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to monitor high voltages. With the VAS, you can accurately measure voltage potentials up to 460VAC (1300V peak-to-peak). Dataforth's modules reduce the input signal to a level (such as +/-5VDC) suitable for any data acquisition system while providing protection and isolation to 1500Vrms.

There's Three (3) Parts to Dataforth's System:

1. Pre-condition modules, SCMVAS-Mxxx

2. Isolation module selections,
    5B31-21 4Hz bandwidth for low-frequency or DC inputs,
    5B41-21 10KHz bandwidth for 50/60Hz or higher frequency,
    5B33-02 True RMS converter input modules

3. Backpanel selections (DIN or panel mount)
    8 channel screw-terminal inputs and screw-terminal outputs
    16 channel screw-terminal inputs and ribbon cable outputs

Specification and Configuration Details
Three page data sheet in PDF format (14KB)

Please feel free to contact our applications engineers at should you need any product selection assistance.

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