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Tech Note

Dataforth's 5B, 7B, and DSCA analog I/O products provide complete, cost-effective solutions for interfacing, conditioning, and distributing critical industrial analog signals. Analog I/O modules filter, isolate, amplify, and convert analog signals for use in thousands of test, measurement, and control applications. Each analog module incorporates a 5- or 6-pole analog filter. The analog filter can provide up to 95dB NMR @ 60Hz. Special analog isolation circuits protect signals and equipment, including true 3-way analog isolation. Each analog module is input protected to 240VAC continuous.

Here's a good analog I/O refresher -- our new seven page white paper tells you everything you need to know about solving problems of:

  1. Signal crosstalk
  2. Common-mode voltages
  3. DC common-mode rejection
  4. AC common-mode rejection
  5. Over-range and input protection

You already guessed it, Dataforth's isolated signal conditioners answer all the problems associated with each item!

  1. Dataforth's 3-way isolation eliminates crosstalk problems
  2. Dataforth's withstand is 1500Vrms common-mode voltage continuous
  3. Dataforth's normal-mode rejection exceeds 85dB at 60Hz
  4. Dataforth's common-mode rejection exceeds 160dB at 50Hz or 60Hz
  5. Dataforth provides 240Vrms continuous overload protection reverse polarity protection, and ANSI / IEEE C37.90.1-1989 transient protection!

Please read our white paper Why-Isolation (65KB pdf) and pass it along to all interested associates.

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