Complete Family of DSCP and SCTP Software Configurable Tempature Transmitters

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Release Date: Feb 1 2001
Dataforth Corporation, Tucson, Arizona announces the introduction of its new DSCP and SCTP series of external powered and loop powered configurable temperature transmitters. Three model families of transmitters, the DSCP20, DSCP80, and SCTP20, are designed around an ASIC chip specifically engineered for thermocouple and RTD sensor interface. The ASIC design provides a high degree of versatility, allowing customer configuration of eight operational functions, selection of 12 industry standard thermocouple types and two standard RTD types, and selection of 270 input ranges. All sensor inputs are linearized using a 23-point interpolation table.

Two transmitters are loop powered, deriving their power from the input signal. Another accepts external universal power of either 24 to 60V AC/DC or 85 to 230V AC/DC. Two separate package designs allow for installation into head mount housings in accordance with DIN 43 729 standard or mounting to DIN rails. Models are available in either non-isolated or isolated versions. The ASIC based transmitters are designed to protect valuable measurement and control signals as well as connected equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.

The transmitters can be easily configured to the specific measuring task with a PC, an interface cable and the menu-driven DSCX-895 configuration software that runs on Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, NT, and 2000. Communication is serial RS-232C, and all models can be configured with or without their power supply connected. Configurable features include: temperature units of °C, °F or K, internal or external cold junction compensation for thermocouple connection, selection of two-, three-, or four-wire RTD, selection of RTD or thermocouple sensor type and input range adjustment, type of linearization to be applied to input signal, output response for open or short-circuit sensor or cable failure, normal or inverted output, ripple suppression for 50Hz or 60Hz, and output time response. The DSCX-895 configuration software has a comprehensive help file and allows query, printout and saving of configuration settings, display of input measurement value, and display of interpolation table points for linearization.

DSCP low cost signal conditioning The DSCP20 is a low cost non-isolated two-wire temperature transmitter, completely powered from the current loop. It requires a loop supply of 12 to 30VDC and is reverse supply protected. It is packaged in a compact DIN rail mountable case measuring only 2.44 x 0.67 x 2.56 inches (62 x 17 x 65 mm). Accuracy is better than 0.2%, and operating temperature range is -25°C to +80°C.

The DSCP80 is an isolated temperature transmitter, accepting external universal power of either 24 to 60V AC/DC or 85 to 230V AC/DC. Isolation is 2300Vrms between input and output, and 3700Vrms between either input or output to power supply. Packaging is a compact DIN rail mountable case measuring only 2.72 x 0.69 x 4.49 inches (69.2 x 17.5 x 114 mm). Accuracy is better than 0.2%, and operating temperature range is -25°C to +55°C.

Dataforth Corporation was established in 1984 and is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of signal conditioning and data communications products for industrial and institutional markets. The Company offers a broad range of analog and digital I/O modules, two-wire transmitters, industrial data modems, and modem systems.

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