Single Phase Revisited

Tech Note

The objective of this application note, AN109 (5 page pdf) is a simplified review of practical single-phase current calculations using phasors and "name-plate" data. A similar review of three-phase calculations is also available in Dataforth's Application Note AN110.

Calculating real-time AC currents and voltages, prior to measurements, can be very helpful in the selection of signal conditioning modules. Dataforth offers excellent high-voltage attenuation products to safely divide-down, isolate, and condition potentially dangerous single-phase AC potentials. See Dataforth's SCMHVAS voltage attenuation product family.

The enthusiastic reader is invited to download Dataforth's "Excel Interactive Work Book for Single Phase AC Calculations" (the download is referenced in AN109 Single Phase Application Note). This spreadsheet allows an investigator to simply enter nameplate data for all the system loads. Then this Excel interactive spreadsheet automatically calculates all line current phasors and the "power profile".

Dataforth Single Phase AC Measurement Application Note (5pg, 530kb pdf).

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