12Ch AI, 4-Ch AO, 8-Ch DIO, USB (Virtual Com Port), Panel Mount with Shape Software

12Ch AI, 4-Ch AO, 8-Ch DIO, USB (Virtual Com Port), Panel Mount with Shape Software

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Dataforth's SLX300 data acquisition and control system features complete flexibility while providing 1500Vrms channel-to-channel and channel-to-system isolation for all channels. In addition, with the exhaustive selection of 8B modules, the mix of I/O functions can be changed at will. There are 89 analog I/O models and 14 industry standard digital models that may be used in SLX300. It may be used as a panel mounted back plane or in a metal, rack mount, 1U height package. Using Dataforth ReDAQ Shape software, almost any low to medium speed data acquisition and control solution can be achieved.


  • COM Type USB (VCP)
  • Mounting Type Panel Mount
  • Software Option Shape Software
  • Weight 0 grams (0 ounces)


  • Modbus RTU and TCP Support 
  • 1500Vrms Input-to-Output & Channel-to-Channel Isolation 
  • 240Vrms Field-Side Protection 
  • Wide I/O Selection 
  • Analog – 19 Product Families, 89 Models 
  • Digital – 6 Product Families, 14 Models 
  • Mix & Match Analog & Digital I/O 
  • Advanced Features Including Alarms, Counters, Timers, PWMs, and more 
  • -40 to +85°C Operating Temperature 
  • Free Configuration Software 
  • CE Compliant 
  • Hazardous Locations Certification, UL/CUL Class I, Div. 2, Gr A, B, C, D 
  • Manufactured per RoHS Directives 
  • Easy to use ReDAQ Shape Software 
  • LabVIEW VI’s and Programming Examples


Ethernet Cable (1m) View
Ethernet Cable (2m) View
Ethernet Cable (7m) View
Ethernet Crossover Cable (1m) View
Ethernet Crossover Cable (2m) View
Ethernet Crossover Cable (7m) View

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Due to resource constraints on my computer, I'm unable to open the three dimensional CAD models provided on your website. Does Dataforth provide two demensional CAD models for download as well?
Two dimensional CAD models can be generated upon customer request. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.

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