Dataforth Announces ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Certification

Press Release

Release Date: Sep 27 2017

Dataforth's Quality Management System "has been assessed and found complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015," states MCNA (Management Certification of North America). The certification applies to Dataforth locations at both 3331 E. Hemisphere Loop, Tucson, AZ, administrative, and 6230 South Country Club Road, Tucson, AZ, manufacturing. The certification scope covers the "design and manufacture of signal conditioning, data acquisition and data communications devices."

"We are extremely proud of this accomplishment," says Georg Haubner, Manager of Sales & Marketing. "The updated certification highlights our ongoing commitment to exceptional quality in both our products and our customer relationships. It's also a testament to the very strong teamwork ethic at Dataforth, without which our outstanding level of quality management would not be possible."

Established in 1984, Dataforth is the world leader in signal conditioning, data acquisition, and data communication products for industrial applications. Our products include isolated signal conditioning modules: 5B analog, 7B process control, miniature 8B, intelligent 9B, high performance DIN DSCA, and digital SCMD; 4-20mA transmitters: DSCL and DSCP loop isolators and transmitters, and DSCT DIN 2-wire transmitters; data acquisition & control systems: MAQ® 20, isoLynx® SLX200 and SLX300, and the Data Acquisition System Builder, which enables online configuration, pricing, and purchase of a data acquisition system; data communication line drivers and converters, and software downloads.

Worldwide, our products provide rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy. All Dataforth products are manufactured in the USA and have been RoHS Compliant since 2006. The Dataforth Quality Management System is now ISO9001:2015 registered.

For additional information, call 800-444-7644 toll-free, email, or visit our website at

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