SCM5B Series

Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Products


Each Dataforth 5B module provides a single channel of isolated analog input or output.

  • Input modules interface to all types of external sensors, then filter, isolate, amplify, and convert the input signals to high-level analog voltage outputs
  • Output modules accept high-level analog voltage signals from a host system, then buffer, isolate, and amplify them before providing process current or voltage output to field devices

5B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning ProductsMore than 250 different 5B modules are available encompassing a wide selection of isolated analog input and output functions. Analog inputs include voltage and current in narrow and wide bandwidths, thermocouple, RTD, accelerometer, potentiometer, strain gage, frequency, and 2-wire transmitter.

All 5B modules are CSA C/US certified and CE and ATEX compliant.

Accessories include a complete selection of backpanels, DIN rail mounting options, interface cables, mounting racks, power supplies, and other accessory items.


Designed for industrial plant environments, Dataforth's 5B modules protect user equipment from lightning and heavy equipment power line voltages and reduce electrical noise in measured signals.

Compared with competitive parts at comparable prices, these 5B modules provide:

  • 50 times better noise rejection by using a 6-pole filter with 95dB NMR
  • Lower output noise
  • True 3-way isolation
  • 20dB better CMR of noise spikes


Custom modules are available: consult factory for minimum quantity and pricing details on custom input ranges, output ranges, bandwidth, and other key parameters.

  • ±0.03% Accuracy (Typical)
  • ±0.005% Linearity
  • 1500Vrms Transformer Isolation & 240Vrms Field-side Protection
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 Transient Protection
  • 5V Power (30mA Typical)
  • 4- to 6-Pole Low-Pass Filtering
  • Up to 160dB CMR
  • 95dB NMR at 60Hz, 90dB at 50Hz
  • ±1µV°C Drift
  • Output Noise as Low as 150µVrms
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature
  • CSA C/US Certified (Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D)
  • CE and ATEX Compliant
  • Manufactured per RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

SCM5B Series Product Family

Part Number Datasheet Description
Analog Voltage Input Modules, Narrow Bandwidth
Analog Current Input Modules
Isolated True RMS Input Modules
Linearized 2- or 3-Wire RTD Input Modules
Linearized 4-Wire RTD Input Modules
Potentiometer Input Modules
Non-Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules
Strain Gage Input Modules, Narrow Bandwidth
Strain Gage Input Modules, Wide Bandwidth
Current Output Modules
Matched-Pair Servo/Motor Controller Modules
Analog Voltage Input Modules, Wide Bandwidth
2-Wire Transmitter Interface Modules
General Purpose Input Modules, with DC Excitation
Frequency Input Modules
Linearized Thermocouple Input Modules
Accelerometer Input Module
Voltage Output Modules
Voltage Attenuator System for Analog Signal Conditioning
Accessories, backpanels, and module dimensions
Module Dimensions and Pinouts